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Around a dozen railwaymen were employed; including three regular drivers and a team of green card workers who were responsible for maintaining the mac os x server tools system such as replacing old track with new rails and sleepers which BR delivered to the exchange sidings.
By this time Leeds Holbeck shed had acquired a substantial allocation of 'Peaks' for duties including the Anglo Scottish rosters from way back in 1961, however by 1964 they were still prone to malfunctioning train heating boilers resulting in steam power being called upon.
Despite taking shots at ground level in the evening sun of locomotives awaiting trains to be made up, I foolishly decided it was an ideal location for trying some striking nocturnal shots from one of the many floodlight pylons dotted around the vast yard.
Railway accident AT bradford exchange station - 1964 On Thursday 4th June 1964 an enquiry was ordered by the Ministry of Transport into the collision of a diesel passenger train with a stationary parcel train that occurred.27hrs on Wednesday 3rd June 1964.(Above-Below) This photo of Low Moor's Class B1 No 61023 Hirola and Ardsley-allocated Class B1 No 61215 William Henton Carver standing side by side in the shed yard is the first of only three shots I managed to take at Low Moor that day;.Discarding my light meter, which I never did master in the cold, a day duly arrived and checking in with the signalman at Shipley-Bingley box, he explained there was a southbound special due.The population continued to rebuild the country against a backdrop of physical hard work and long hours, including Saturday mornings which were considered part of the working week in those days.The ensemble is about to pass Heaton Lodge signal box on Thursday evening 28th May 1964.Needless to say I was guttedand my Christmas present request for that year was a developing tank, chemicals for the processing, numerous trays, red bulbs for the dark room (my bedroom) and clothes pegs for hanging the negative strips up to dry.Taking nothing for granted, I always made a point ethics and technology tavani pdf 3rd edition of thanking him each time when leaving.1Z50 -.13am Bradford.Liverpool.Less than a year old, but already looking grubby and sounding equally rough, D5212 heads past Shipley-Leeds Junction box in the late evening sunshine on Wednesday Having managed to at least reach this point from Bradford Valley Goods Yard, I did wonder how much further.(Above) Having completed its task, this view from Ripley Street road bridge shows the banker rolling down the gradient on its return to Exchange station; No 42411 is crossing the ex-GNR lines to Keighley and Halifax via Queensbury which curve in from St Dunstans station.The warship served the Royal grand theft auto 4 cheats flying cars xbox 360 Navy for 44 years, seeing action in both the Battle of the Nile (1798) and Battle of Trafalgar (1805).One of the drivers said that the majority of the Farnley crews preferred a good 'Black Five' rather than a 'Jubilee' on jobs over the Pennines because of their smaller diameter driving wheels.Comparing both shots it is clear that its smoke box had been cleaned out; the smoke box door handles are in a different position whilst the single white headlamp had been replaced with a black one.
Click here to visit this fascinating website (Below) This is an undated nocturnal shot of Britannia Class 7MT 70039 Sir Christopher Wren awaiting departure from platform 2 on the final leg of a Carlisle-Bradford Forster Square stopping service.
On another occasion one of my classmates arrived early at the school gates to advise us that Class A4 'Streak' 60028 Walter K Whigham had arrived on Bradford Hammerton Street shed the day before and was due to go on the wheel drop road for.

I asked if Carlisle would turn out a special loco for this historic event?The crew must have been pushing the locomotive to its absolute limit; the roar of its exhaust speeding off into the distance was incredible!The shortage of more powerful diesels resulted in a large number of sidings filling up with coal wagons awaiting delivery, hence a decision was taken to reinstate some of the run-down WDs to clear the backlog; the problem was later rectified by a decision.There were plenty of other viewpoints from which to take photographs including trackside, road bridges and signal box verandas on the stretch of line from Shipley to Frizinghall, just of a mile away.(Below) On Saturday, a dirty diesel Class 25 D7568 awaits departure with the afternoon Sheffield train.It arrived in New York Harbour on was transferred by rail to the museum later that month; the locomotive is now displayed with two British passenger carriages once used as part of Eisenhower's Command Train.I now had my own darkroom for developing and printing, I had transport and better photographic equipment including a decent Fed 35mm camera plus a British Railways lineside permit covering an area from Bradford to the triangular junction at Shipley.It is also clear that even 52A had reliability/availability problems with both the 'Peaks' and EE4s.
This was one opportunity I grabbed with both handsyes, there were others which I didn't, but we won't go into that right now!
On one occasion in 1962 I tried taking a number of long-exposure night time shots with a borrowed 35mm camera, but even in the early hours the eagle-eyed shed staff spotted me setting up my camera and ejection swiftly followed.