Sonic the fighters gamecube

In this game, Super Sonic is only playable against the final boss of the game: Imperator.
Along with Sonic himself, a stage based on Windy Hill Zone from Sonic Lost World makes an appearance in Super Smash Bros.
The player can also switch places with Classic Super Sonic by pressing /.
There is also an achievement called "Golden Flash" on the Xbox 360 / PlayStation 3 version of the game, which requires all Zones to be completed with Super Sonic.Tails : Yeah!Aside from that, Super Sonic is just a model of Sonic 's form, possessing the same animation and movements.IGN Staff (August 15, 2005).After some time, the transformation ends and Sonic returns to normal.However, their Ring count will be decreasing by one each second.8 Edge said its criticisms such as scenery pop-up and instances of poor collision detection are "minor flaws in an otherwise very fine piece of work".Also, during the battle, Modern Super Sonic will be invulnerable to all harm and be able to perform the Super Sonic Boost.Sonic Adventure' Remake Definitely of Interest, Says Studio Head".Nickname(s metal, ultimate Overlord, species, robot, gender.
Sticker Image Name Page ID Area of Effect Effect User Super Sonic ( Sonic The Hedgehog 2 ) 270 676 Electric Resistance 27 Sonic Super Smash Bros.

" Super Sonic, after defeating the Finalhazard.In the anime series Sonic X and its comic series published by Archie Comics, Sonic can transform into brother ads-2600w user guide Super Sonic using only the seven Chaos Emeralds.After reacquiring the Emeralds, Sonic went Super Sonic in The Doomsday Zone.The first characters besides Sonic added to the game were Tails and Knuckles; Tails' stages turned portions of Sonic 's levels into races, while Knuckles' treasure-hunting missions were designed as a contrast to the others' straightforward ones.The game was built on top of the 3D fighting engine for.Players can also jump while dashing by pressing any button.
For Wii U return as well.

Auto-Spin Charge removes the need of tapping the B button repeatedly for it to charge.
" Sonic Adventure US Shocker".