Navicat mysql 11.0.17 crack

navicat mysql 11.0.17 crack

Date and crack codes for vista time were exported incorrectly while using a EDT time zone.
The month and day values were transposed when importing Date fields.
Preferences settings reset when Navicat started.When resizing the Data Transfer/Data Synchronization/Structure Synchronization window, all data fields expanded to display longer content except the "profile" drop down list.When using MySQL http Tunnel connection and user tried to add/duplicate an user.Upgrade Procedure : click here to upgrade Apr 7 2008 Navicat for MySQL (Linux) version.0.25 Improvements: The outcome from Navicat "Dump SQL File" feature (both database and table) includes "drop table if exists" statement.Support of setting font styles for object lists and editors.Allowed to save an export profile for a running query.Command-W shortcut did not close the active window in some cases.Bug Fixes: Navicat could not quit normally in some senarios.Crashed when running backup tasks in Batch Job.Feb 21 2011 Navicat for MySQL (Mac) version.1.5 Bug Fixes: High CPU usage when pausing the process of Data Transfer/Data Sync/Structure Sync/Execute SQL File.Unable to move functions into a group.Apr 20 2015 Navicat for MySQL (Mac) version.1.12 Bug Fixes: Object List tab did not change when selecting nodes from connection tree.Sort Connection list by name in Data Transfer.Raw mode setting allows user to view the actual data value which stored in the MySQL database.Access violation occured while copying and pasting field in Table Designer.ERegistry Exception error occurred when starting Navicat.
Corrupt occured after updating and showing binary type text in Table Viewer.

PostgreSQL "bytea" data type will now being exported as E'.' in text-base file.Upgrade Procedure : click here to upgrade Jan 6 2009 Navicat for MySQL (Mac OS X) version.1.7 Bug Fixes: Changed the default cipher specification in SSH Connection.Foreign Key constraint issue in Import Wizard.Upgrade Procedure : click here to upgrade Apr 30 2008 Navicat for MySQL (Linux) version.0.27 Improvements: Provide better error log system for Data Synchronization.Message Log was unable to save correctly for the Preview function in Data Synchronization.Fixed the crash issue when quitting process in Server Monitor.Access violation occured in Table Viewer while reconnecting SSH connection with another port.Load SQL function fully supports Unicode.Searching in Table Viewer would freeze when no record showed on the existing view.Support custom display formats for Numeric, Date and Time Type.Support to save name with for Connection Save Path, Query, Import/Export/Backup profile, Backup, Schedule, Model, Data Transfer/Synchronization profile.WordWrap built for Query and View Editor.Fixed access violation issue when deleted table in Query Builder after running the query.Ability to send notification e-mail for schedule task, with an option to attach file output from Export Wizard or Data Transfer.Crashed when creating new connection in some cases.