Manuale gimp 2.8 italiano

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Ctrl V kanye west know the game Paste clipboard This places the crack fox mighty boosh quotes the formula 1 practice game clipboard objects as a oating selection Ctrl K Clears selection Shift Ctrl C Named copy selection Shift Ctrl X Named cut selection Shift Ctrl V Named paste clipboard Fill Erase selection Ctrl D Fill with FG Color Ctrl D Fill with BG Color Ctrl D Fill with Pattern Layers PgUp, Ctrl Tab Select the layer above PgDn, Shift.Ctrl drag Drag a sample point out of the rulers Shift Ctrl R Toggle rulers Shift Ctrl T Toggle guides Edit Undo/redo Ctrl Z Undo Ctrl Y Redo Clipboard Ctrl C Copy selection This places a copy of the selection to the gimp clipboard.Diritto d'autore 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 Il gruppo di documentazione di gimp.Shift Ctrl E Fit image in window Shift wheel Zoom Scrolling (panning) Ctrl arrows Scroll canvas Scrolling by keys is accelerated,.e.To continue, click Next.E sono tutti molto potenti.I really want the local help to work.

Shift, c Crop and Resize, shift, r Rotate, shift, t Scale, shift.I have looked for information on how to set the path to the help file, or how make the path match hard coded parameters in gimp, but can't find anything.File Ctrl N New image Ctrl O Open image Ctrl Alt O Open image as new layer Ctrl D Duplicate image Ctrl 1 Open recent image 01 Ctrl 2 Open recent image 02 Ctrl 3 Open recent image 03 Ctrl 4 Open recent image 04 Ctrl 5 Open recent image 05 Ctrl 6 Open recent image 06 Ctrl 7 Open recent image 07 Ctrl 8 Open recent image 08 Ctrl 9 Open recent image 09 Ctrl 0 Open recent image 10 Ctrl.If you would like to select a different folder, click Browse.Ctrl X Cut selection This works the same as "copy selection" followed by deleting the selection.Gimp offre tutte le caratteristiche che di solito sono presenti nei programmi più costosi ma che, con questo software, saranno a vostra disposizione gratuitamente.Space, Enter Activate current button or list Ctrl Alt PgUp, Ctrl PgDn In a multi-tab dialog, switch tabs Within a File Dialog Shift L Open Location Alt up Up-Folder Alt down Down-Folder View Window Menus can also be activated by Alt with the letter underscored in the menu name.It speeds up when you press Shiftarrows, or jumps to the borders with Ctrlarrows.Troverai ogni strumento sulla relativa barra.Drag a guide line onto the ruler to delete.Se vogliamo una buona alternativa che si anche gratuita, non possiamo che rivolgere la nostra attenzione verso Gimp.24 MB, Portable Document Format (.pdf).Gimp.8 does not appear to be installed in the selected directory.
So I browsed to the folder into which I had installed gimpportable then I clicked on "Next".
Gimp è uno dei migliori programmi di modifica e creazione delle immagini, ed è completamente gratuito.