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Manual blood pressure more accurate than automatic

manual blood pressure more accurate than automatic

The main concern raised is blood the potential for some automatic hypertensive patients to be undertreated as a result.
While than the authors claim that the differences between manual and automated methods were significant, Scargle is not so sure.
Measuring blood pressure: Pitfalls and recommendations.
Automated oscillometric devices which have been independently validated for accuracy, Myers argues, can help eliminate such variability.
His argument is based on the myriad number of extraneous factors associated with manual BP measurement in the real than world, automatic which result blood in BP readings of variable quality and accuracy.He has some interesting technical observations about the Landgraf, et al article that are worth noting.Whats a clinician to do?Lancet Internet 2002;360(9349 190313.Something that is often overlooked is the fact that oscillometric nibp devices all have their own proprietary algorithms that were developed differently, he says.Heinemann M, Sellick K, than Rickard C, Reynolds P, McGrail.Available from: 2 Global Health Observatory Data more Repository Internet.PubMed Google Scholar 14 Tholl U, Forstner K, Anlauf.Yet clinically relevant data, and more importantly, rigorous discussion of that data, is the means to the end.Accuracy of aneroid sphygmomanometers in clinical usage: University of Michigan experience.

To wit, two similar journal articles were recently published that arrived at two very different conclusions.
In the mean time, we'd like to hear yours!
Comparison of two home blood pressure monitors with a mercury sphygmomanometer in an ambulatory population.How long shall the patient rest before clinic blood pressure measurement?PMC free article, pubMed, google Scholar.The authors raise concerns about service the use of automated netgear oscillometric BP devices and reported a significant difference observed in BP readings taken manual simultaneously using the auscultatory/mercury technique and the automated oscillometric technique.Measurement of blood pressure in the office: Recognizing the problem and proposing the solution.Hell share dummies his own thoughts about force automatic versus manual sphygmomanometers.National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey.Validation steam of the Microlife Watch BP Office professional device for office blood pressure measurement according to the International manual protocol.Consistent relationship between automated office blood pressure recorded in different settings.

Cited manual blood pressure more accurate than automatic 2015 Feb 2 Available
Pay (adequately) for what works: The economic undervaluation of office and ambulatory blood pressure recordings.