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Sure, there are routines and the like, but most days arent as similar as youd imagine.
Her origin is revealed in the fourth season.
He returned from the Web in the form of Bob circa Seasons 1-2, deliberately trying to confuse everyone over who the real Bob was in order to attack his enemies emotionally.
He is one of the sprites who disappears in "Trust No One".He eventually became a Codemaster, possibly after having sought refuge in the refugee community outside the Codemaster's city.When what you do is complicated you know you only have a few seconds before the crew ubisoft pc you lose their interest.He also left Enzo alive so he could launch a propaganda campaign focusing on how the Guardian was an inexperienced boy, thus demoralizing the denizens of Mainframe.Mike the TV was the only character not affected because, as Enzo noted, he could not get any dumber.This distinction is continually featured as comic relief in the series.Using his Gibson-Coil pike, he was able to teleport, knock over buildings, wield energy bludgeons, and imprison Bob's Keytool, Glitch, behind a force field.The resulting explosion nullified Welman, split Gigabyte into the entities Hexadecimal and Megabyte, and destroyed Mainframe's sister city, the ruins of which were later to be known as Lost Angles.He is a Net-born member of the Codemasters, one of the most feared surething labeler 6 keygen and dangerous sects in cyberspace, who operate out of a city hidden in the depths of the Super-Computer.Citation needed Main villains edit Megabyte edit The main antagonist of the series, Megabyte (voiced by Tony Jay ) is a virus, originally operating out of the Silicon Tor in Sector 1000 and dominating most of G-Prime.When Matrix and Bob returned to the system, Mainframe's rebels were finally able to bring down the Viral forces.
After Hexadecimal's powers were drained by the nulls, the creature escaped and bonded with Megabyte.

Most jobs have technicalities that are difficult to explain!Episodes 1 and 10 of season 2, and episode 4 of season 3 showed her mask changing on screen in an instant.The reasons for this change (as he had deleted viral Binomes by destroying ABC craft before) was not directly expressed on the show, but presumably it is the result of both Hexadecimal's reprogramming and his experiences of war-torn Mainframe.Daemon's plot involves keeping Net travel available, forcing Systems to remain open by destroying their Port Control Towers so inhabitants cannot take their system off the Net.They were called into Mainframe to investigate the rash of disappearances and helped battle the Web Creature behind them.Her powers include energy beams and fireballs, altering gravity (once causing Bob to stop and hover in midair) and being able to fly, shrugging off severe damage and controlling nulls (sprites downgraded to slug-like status for losing to the User in a game).She also has a great fondness for motorcycles.Guardian Matrix edit When the Web invaded, Bob gave him a field rank as Guardian Cadet with the promise of sending him to the Super-Computer to be a real Guardian; when Bob was lost in the Web, Enzo found himself as the defender of Mainframe.
Bob drove him in this episode, and was alarmed to discover the Megatruck had no brakes.
Her vast collection of masks serve to show her facial expression, thereby giving her a harlequin -like appearance.

Daecon edit Daemon's main advisor and assistant, and under the influence of The Word.