Game emily's wonder wedding

game emily's wonder wedding

Delicious Emillys wonder wedding Episode 8 Chasing sheep Invitation Challenge Invite Paul For this challenge, you have to deal with angry customers who will leave if they are not served quickly.
Delicious Emillys wonder wedding Episode 22 Snuggy Episode 23: Mistake on the Lake Day 1: The Mouse is on the bottom right of the counter with the register Day 2: Patrick would like Emily collect roses around the restaurant.The born to use mics: reading nas's illmatic.pdf Mouse is by the table where you make drinks and biscuits.This challenge is almost identical to the Officer Jackson challenge from Episode.Episode 2: Heeding the Signs, day 1: The Mouse is in the branch of the tree at the top left corner of the screen.The Mouse is by the right most pillar.He now has to clean up the restaurant.
Delicious: Emily's Wonder Wedding (Premium Edition) (2012) rrent.

Its not a difficult challenge.You can combo together guests to boost your score while fishing out clothes from the river.The restaurant can get busy so focus on that first and deal with the presents when you get a spare moment.Invitation Challenge Invite Flannery Fresco is making balloons for an upcoming party and Emily must pop any that get loose from him.She must try on the dress throughout the day as Francois fixes.The Mouse is to the right of the cleaning lady.
Episode 30: Home Sweet Home Day 1: The Mouse is behind the right window.
If the sheep get too hungry they will leave, so ensure that you always have hay ready to feed them.