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Fire red pokemon gameshark codes vba

I am trying to run the codes pokemon which allow you to see the pokemon of your choice when you walk into grass, but every code I can find isn't working correctly.
Gameshark cheat codes (USA/English Version) pokemon fire RED leaf green versions.
Anne (Three) 0801-.S.
Directions: Substitute xxxx together with your desired location ID 82031DBC xxxx, digit: -Financial institution Zero- 000Zero- Battle Hyperlink Middle, fire zero100- Commerce Hyperlink Middle 0200- Four-Means Knowledge Swap Middle 0300- Four-Method Battle Middle 0400- One thing you want a wi-fi adapter for -Financial institution.
DC725D4E 3A20792F 12 - Butterfree 33effb7C E1794F5B 13 - Weedle 9A86D92A 635F8DBC 14 - Kakuna, cCEC9F6E fire 5A2A0F12 15 - Beedrill, f3D99280 49F4eedc 16 - Pidgey 139BBA32 2DC356C8 17 - Pidgeotto 2F7B0F2F 257173EA 18 - Pidgeot 13659B39 95BD80E5 19 - Rattata.Don't forget to use codes the Master Code first where applicable.Mime 07A Scyther 07B Jynx 07C Electabuzz 07D Magmar 07E Pinsir 07F Tauros 080 Magicarp 081 Gyarados 082 Lapras 083 Ditto 084 Eevee 085 Vaporeon 086 Jolteon 087 Flareon 088 Porygon 089 Omanyte 08A fire Omastar 08B Kabuto 08C Kabutops 08D Aerodactyl 08E Snorlax 08F Articuno.Watch video: See Pokemon Fire Red pokemon Warp/Teleport cheat on.Walk Through Walls Cheat :D, this cheat code will allow you to walk literally anywhere within the boundaries of the game.Go search in wild after.PC mode items on Pokemon Fire Red you'll need to insert the following code followed by the Item code example: gameshark xxxx.2) Save your game before you enter any codes - Just in case anything goes wrong, you should make a save of your current good version of the game as it stands without any new codes.Anne Rooms (10) 1701-.S.From.005, ID #14036 All Cheats I Know Rare Candy: First you must put the master code 000014D1 000A 10044EC8 0007 Master ball code Everything costs.

This is a CodeBreaker Code.
From Sanzano, ID #14220 Change Wild Pokemon Level (North America) Enter the repair code 754ED27A 8B1befee before entering the compact codes below: Level 1: 8BB602F7 8CEB681A Level 2: lotr battle FF3B Level 3: 2BD38F05 D5A57.
Here are a few service things to be aware of when using GameShark codes: 1) Don't enter too many at once during a game - The more you enter in any one game, the greater the chance of the game crashing and you may need.
3) Turn off your cheats after you have used them.Encounter Codes, master Code US, fire 17543C48 E65E0B97.Hi, I have the most recent version of vba on my mac.Anne Rooms (11) service 1801-.S.Anne cracked Rooms (Four) 1101-.S.