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The spoilery, spoilery, comments.
She also laced the Council headquarters with a virus and crippled many wizards.Dresden openly challenges Arianna to a duel to the death over his daughter's kidnapping, but is prevented from carrying it through by the other members of the Council.She found out about Maggie from Martin and had her kidnapped, planning to use her as a human sacrifice to wipe out the Dresden bloodline.Raised by a family in Guatemala, kidnapped by the Red Court, and nearly killed.At this point, the Red King called his soldiers to kill Harry, forcing Harry to sacrifice Susan to destroy the Red Court forever.I went into "Ghost Story" not expecting to like.The group then engages in a seemingly hopeless battle against the Vampires, only to be joined at the height by the Grey Council -including Odin and Ebenezer- and an army of kenku, birdlike creatures from the Nevernever.There were two main problems: one is that the emotional centers of the book were a woman I havent read about in five years and didnt have strong feelings about even then, and a child Ive never met.
In addition, despite the previous books playing out in more or less real time, gta v cargo plane cheat code with the elapsed time between books approximately equaling the time between their release dates, Ghost Story has been confirmed as taking place immediately after the conclusion of Changes, though Butcher has.
Dresden decides to investigate Rudolph, the Chicago police detective who implicated him in the office explosion, reasoning that he must have implicated Dresden because of pressure coming from the Red Court.

Take a look at the list of characters above and remember, Changes is funny, quick, and full of people you love, and the titular changes are the kind that leave me excited for what Butcher is going to do in the next book.The next novel in the series, the thirteenth Dresden novel, is titled Ghost Story.Susan becomes a full Red Court Vampire when she murders Martin during his reveal of working for the Red King.I mean, pretty much every book in the Dresden Files could be called Changes to Character Relationships and Long-Term Threatening Situations That You Didnt Even Realize Were Happening Because I Successfully Distracted You With the Plot, Including One or Two Big Reveals and Some Neat.Murphy apparently loses her job due to Rudolph's continued political maneuvering.Harry is shot and dies at the end of the book.Harry then overpowered the Red King by impaling his eyes, setting them on fire, and shattering his right forearm.The title, was "Dead Beat".Infuriated, Dresden returns home.
In the aftermath, Dresden realizes he can never provide the sort of home for Maggie he wants her to have and asks that she be placed in the safest possible place, and give her up to Father Forthill.

Then "Changes" came out and well, everything changed.
But Jim Butcher released the biggest spoiler of all on his Twitter stream, and its the first line of the book: I answered the phone and Susan Rodriguez said, Theyve taken our daughter.
Later, recovering on Thomas's boat the Water Beetle, Dresden goes onto the deck to get some air, only to be shot and fall into Lake Michigan.