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Concept of economic growth and development pdf

If there is increase in GNP more development than the increase in per capita Income then we can say that Development is possible.
In recent literature, the term economic growth refers economic to sustained increase in a countrys output concept of economic goods goods and services, services, or more more precisely product product per capita.
It implies progressive changes in the socio-economic structure of a country.Quality of life in developing nations).By Economic Growth we simply mean increase in per capita income or increase in GNP.Economic development is not development possible without growth but growth is possible without development because growth is just increase in GNP It does not have any other parameters.By a larger mobilization of resources and raising their productivity, output level can be raised.Relevance, economic growth is a more relevant metric for progress in developed countries.Generally speaking economic development refers to the problems of underdeveloped countries and economic growth to those of developed countries.Growth, growth relates to a gradual increase in one of the components of Gross Domestic Product: consumption, government spending, investment, net exports.Hence, compared growth to the objective of development, economic growth is easy realize.The term economic development is far more comprehensive.Effect, brings growth quantitative changes in the economy.

Increase in real GDP.
Concept, narrower concept than economic development, normative concept.
But it's widely used in all Economic development is more countries because growth is a relevant to measure progress and necessary condition for medal development.Economic Growth manual Development model Economic development is the development of economic wealth of countries or regions for the well-being of their inhabitants.Scope, growth is concerned with increases in Development is concerned with the economy's output structural changes in the economy.In the words of Amartya Sen Development requires the removal of major sources of unfreedom poverty as well as tyranny, manual poor economic opportunities as well as systematic social deprivation neglect of public facilities as well as intolerance files or over model over activity activity of of repressi.Economic Growth development are two different terms used in economics.HDI (Human Development Index genderrelated user index (GDI Human poverty index (HPI infant mortality, literacy rate etc.

When given conditions of population improves then we can say that this is concept of economic growth and development pdf also an indicator of economic Development.
Implication, it refers to an increase in the real output of goods and services in the country like increase the income in savings, in investment etc.
Further whereas economic growth merely refers to rise in output; development implies change in technological and institutional organization of production as well as in distributive pattern of income.