C string equals null

If it is null it should generate the if statement as true am i correct?
Equals(null) problem if (str4 null your assumption that this line does different things in different versions of Java is incorrect.
String, in whichever package for the two different languages).
Slum is an anagram of umsl and is the last word in the dictionary that umsl is being checked against.(It *is* considered good style in C to do things the other way around;.e.At school it seems like it jumps over the if loop and prints the last result I entered.The integer literal 0 - when checking for null pointers.) std:string does have an overloaded operator.What did you expect it to be?Primitive datatypes are directly saved in their pointer.Unlike Java, C# strings override the operator: if (str1 str2) If you want a case-insensitive comparison: if (String.Post an sscce, and we'll go from there.Reply With" November 3rd, 2011, 08:41 AM #9 Re: stringnull or string.For example: public class Foo public static void main(String args) Foo f new Foo intln(f [email protected], everything behind the is the pointer.You can use this code object.Equals(null) problem Originally Posted by macko true heh, Well lets stick to the empty string then :-) You can still use to test against null.Str4 has been initialized on the 2nd statement.Thanks for the correction.Though i guess you would've told me if i had been xD Reply With".Example: String s1 new String Hallo String s2 new String Hallo intln(s1 s2 false, this both String have a different pointer.

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I'm going to repeat this- without an sscce, we're having a really hard time understanding exactly what you're talking about.Not using the right vocab.Equals(null) problem Originally Posted by KevinWorkman That won't work.The problem is with the last if statement.But more to the point, it *is an object* (which allows it to have such a thing) and not any kind of pointer (it *is* a typedef, but the typedeffed thing is an instantiation of the basic_string template - not any kind of pointer).Equals(null) problem ideas you say eh?Now, creating a std:string from a char* pointer works by copying the string data pointed at by the pointer into the std:string's internal buffer for string data.(You have to excuse my English, I am prob.Reply With" November 3rd, 2011, 10:19 AM #24 Re: stringnull or string.Equals(null) problem, hi everyone, I have a small problem I am trying to figure out.It seems to be the last if statement.Although isn't that what he wanted.Equals Reply With" November 3rd, 2011, 09:49 AM #22 Re: stringnull or string.This only works for complex data types.

The name null, however, is properly used to describe such pointers, and *not* integer constants with that value.
This method compares two string on the basis of contents.