Big fish games setup

It results when the rolls for one side are luckier overall than the rolls for the other side.
Bury a Checker To play a checker deep within your home board where it has no value.
And cubeful rollouts may be more susceptible to systematic error because of cube misplays.Slot and Split To slot a checker in your own home board while your runners are split.Resigning is not allowed in tournament play before contact is broken.Quads The roll of 4-4 on the dice (double 4's).See: How to Play Trictrac.Market Gainer By analogy to market loser.You can reduce the random error in a rollout by increasing the number of trials.If I make an error, I restart the level by clicking pause and restart.Stop Pot A progressive jackpot that allows players to enter at any level and cash out when they want.You can then go back and try to increase your score by beating the time.When you are ready to play, you sign up for a stop pot at some level.Dutch Backgammon A backgammon variant in which the players start with all their checkers off the board.Freeze-Out Match An alternative to match play in which two players each begin with a predetermined amount of money or points (4) and play using table-stakes betting until one of them loses everything he started with. A play that split s (at the back) and slot s (at the front) at the same time.The art or skill of moving the checkers.Once I quit trying, I started having real quick banner designer studio portable fun.
At the start of the game, the cube is in the middle and either player may double.
Snake Eyes The roll of 1-1 on the dice (double 1's).

The player making this offer does so because he wishes to double the box when the other players to do not.Round A period in a tournament during which each contestant (except those who received a bye ) plays another contestant.Major Split Moving one of your two runners from the opponent's one-point to the opponent's four-point or five-point.See: How to Play Tabula.Sometimes players are grouped into fields, with each field sold as a package.Straight Race windows 8.1 pro iso 32 bit highly compressed Pure race.See post by Simon Woodhead.Sandbag To conceal or misrepresent your true ability.Gap The space or spaces between made points.It doesn't matter that I can't solve a mosaic puzzle on the first try.V Variance (of a Rollout) Level of random error in a rollout.Cards, slots, tournaments, etc.Throw To shake a pair of dice in a dice cup and release them onto a backgammon board.Legal Moves Rule A rule that says that an illegal play should be pointed out by the opponent if he notices it, and such play corrected before the game continues.
Dice Plural of die.
Double In To offer a double which should be properly accepted.