9 pin to 25 pin null modem cable diagram

Some folks say that it's the cable that's shipped with LapLink 4 Pro.
Signal RJ45 DB25 Modem RTS 1 4 DTR 2 20 TXD 3 2 Signal Ground autodesk civil 3d 2007 crack and keygen 4 1 Signal Ground 5 7 RXD 6 3 DSR(DCD) 7 8 CTS 8 5 On the Netra X1 and Sun tau codex warhammer 40k pdf Fire V100, Port A LOM is dedicated to the.From the (old but useful) Sun Hardware Reference.Sun Serial Parallel Controller (SPC sun StorEdge T3 Disk Tray, T3B/T3/Sun StorEdge 3900/6900.Its not just for the V100.) Check the signal names and pin numbers for the port on your Annex model, because the pinouts vary.This is seldom necessary with modern serial devices, because most devices can use either voltage set.V100 LOM RJ45 annex RJ45 Pin Signal Pin Signal 8 CTS 1 RTS 7 DSR 2 DTR 6 RXD 3 TXD 4 GND 6 GND 3 TXD 5 RXD 2 DTR 7 DSR 1 RTS 8 CTS Vx Series Servers Avocent CPS-810/1600 series console servers.One of the most common schemes is for the DTE (the PC) to assert the RTS signal if it is ready to receive data (yes, it does sound backwards, but that's how it works and for the DCE (the modem) to assert CTS when.A "DB-25" connector has a "B" size shell, but the common nine-pin connector is smaller and has an "E" size shell.Some Suns use small, round Mini DIN8 connectors that require an adapter to connect to a DB25 device, like a modem or terminal.The DB9 serial (10101) port is for general purpose serial data transfers.DB25 DB9 - 2 TD 2 RD 3 RD 3 TD 4 RTS 8 CTS 5 CTS 7 RTS 7 GND 5 GND 6 DSR 4 DTR 8 DCD 6 DSR 20 DTR 1 DCD Null terminal pinout DB25 to DB25: Pin ID Used.The Data Terminal will not send out data with out this signal, active high.DB9 pin D-SUB female to PC1, dB25 pin D-SUB female to PC2.T3B/T3/Sun StorEdge 39: To connect an external serial terminal to the Storage Service Processor, use the Sun-supplied RJ45-DB9 DTE adapter, part number, pinout as described in the Netra X1 link on this page, according to the Sun StorEdge 39eries.1 Reference and Service Manual.Pinouts for the adapters are given below.
Only use port.
Good Cable Configurator and Connector Guide with excellent pictures.

A Male-to-Female cable would be a 'normal' RS232 cable.This is usually the pinout found in null modem cables for DB25 to DB25.Chans Pinouts Page has pinouts for SGI, Annex, and Cisco equipment.Sparcstation 2, sparcstation 5, sun Blade 100/ 150, sun Blade 1000/ 2000.By connecting the RTS pin of one DTE to the CTS pin of the other DTE, we can simulate this handshake.When using Software Flow Control (XON, xoff you only need 3 lines, TX (data RX (data and GND.Note that DB25 pin 6, 15, 22, 24, and 25 are not supported on the Sun serial port adapter cable.The DE-9 D-sub 9-pin connector is often mistakenly referred to as the "DB-9" connector. .Not all will work.) Pin Signal Description 1 HSKo Output Handshake (Zilog 8530 DTR pin) 2 HSKi/CLK Input Handshake OR External Clock 3 TxD- Transmit data (-) 4 Ground Signal ground 5 RxD- Receive data (-) 6 TxD Transmit data 7 N/C (no connection).
CPS SUN Pin Signal Pin Signal 1 RTS 8 CTS 2 DSR 2 DTR 3 CD Not Used 4 grnd 4 RD 3 TD 5 TD 6 RD 6 grnd 5 grnd 7 DTR 7 DSR 8 CTS 1 RTS Sun StorEdge T3 Disk Tray.

Use this cable between two, dTE devices (for instance two computers).
Modems: The V100 and V120 have no DCD line on their serial ports, but they map DSR to DCD on at least port.
XON being equal to ready, xoff equal to not ready.