1.99 12 divxtodvd patch

1.99 12 divxtodvd patch

Bug Fuzzy estimated remaining time (cedric) - resolved.
Bug Audio and video out of sync in root menus (cedric) - resolved.
Bug when trying to select in treeview a customized menu template get "division by zero" error (cedric) - resolved.
Subtitles settings in treeview is cropped - Language list cyberhome ch-dvr 1500 manual in treeview is not sorted - Language index not matched with idx/sub files - With.SRT subtitles color is not exactly the selected one - shows wrong target in file info.0.5 Fixes : - aspect.4 issues ConvertXtoDVD - (Released ) View Issues : Bug update conversion cp membership hack 2013 advisor when cut sections applied (cedric) - resolved.Bug Once the cancel button has been clicked in a progress window, it will be always disabled after (cedric) - resolved.Bug taskbar progress not show on windows 8 (cedric) - resolved.ConvertXtoDVD - (Released ) : Feature Request Add setting in global stt settings to merge when only one present (felicia) - resolved.Bug cxd 8 menu template not showing correct item in treeview (cedric) - resolved.Bug setting "convert dts to ac-3" is not taken into account (cedric) - resolved.Bug with structure "movie" adding any post processing thumbnail used in menu has problem, app also will give AV error (cedric) - resolved.Bug DVD resolution when changed in default settings is not imported to currently loaded video in treeview (cedric) - resolved.ConvertXtoDVD - 3 Released April 27, 2011 Fix subtitle dialog with bigger fonts (DPI to 125 and 150) : Bug list index out of bounds (0) - in text style editor (wesson) - resolved.Bug v5: Major menu issues with my DVD Player: LG DV7732NSC Sony 5 x DVD Changer : Bug In title menu, the mini video always starts at 00:00 even when in the root menu, we selected 01:00 for example Burning SDK - 8 Solve.
Bug unchecking "use source chapter if available " does not add chapters every 5 min even if that option is checked (felicia) - resolved.

Information loading and first parsing of file is longer in version 5 than 4 - resolved.Dll and eventually swscale.Po wykonaniu konwersji istnieje moliwo zapisania gotowego pliku na pyt DVD.ConvertXtoDVD - (Released ) : Bug if audio shorter than menu duration audio does not loop in menu (felicia) - resolved.Bug unable to cancel the conversion and exit program (cedric) - resolved.Suggestion Update encoder settings for better quality (cedric) - resolved.Bug can't load dvd structure or blu-ray (cedric) - resolved.Here's my wish list about the tool: - Simple program editor for removing commercial as well as trimming unncecessary preceding and tailing (noise) footage.Bug file browser window does not always stay ontop - appears app is froozen (felicia) - resolved.Co wicej, dokonamy podziau na rozdziay w trybie rcznym bd automatycznym.Bug access violation, at end of completed conversion (wesson) - resolved.
Bug.Rec support (wesson) - resolved.

Bug ordering files in merge editor window gives error: Init failed on input stream # - Msg "list out of bounds (wesson) - resolved.
Bug video skipping instead of fastforwarding (wesson) - resolved.