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1970 camaro manual steering box

1970 camaro manual steering box

The pump I had done by Lee Mfg camaro was.157" and I have a stock one.128" These are all the steering later style fittings, as in the photo above but early valves should use the same sizes.
PS pump - make camaro sure IT HAS enough pressure AND flow, steering usompatable pulley AND mount, correct outlet port, male, female OR saginaw fitting OR adapt them.
You can't put type 1 pulleys on a type 2 pump.
The.8" steering steering being used for the fast ratio steering option.The rear arm attachment hole is 2 3/32" camaro from spindle center.Never hammer a pulley on or off, it will damage the pump internally.Slide the valve inside and clamp it in a vise, unscrew the "nut" to change pressure setting shims.Most early Camaros have heating problems when driven hard on a track.

Proper ratio, USE MY magazine chart FOR ID AND applicaton, YOU CAN verify using setup MY degree wheel testing method.
Here is a link to many GM steering box ID codes!
But if you calculate the procurve overall ratios with those lengths seams they procurve don't come out and I ebook have measured the link long pitman arms and they are.8" not.75".
I have heard there is some difficulty bolting the center link up to the long arm and short pitman as they don't line up perfectly, and it puts them in a bind somewhat.It says to drill with.147" drill which is #26 bit.Measure from axle center line shown in white in the photo, to the top of the tie rod stud.The canon replacement is described above.17.5 3 X X?Outer steering arms - manual short.25 medium.75 long outer steering arm, is roughly.2" long.14-11:5:1 16-12.4:1 * 20-16:1 constant ratios- I believe these are at the box ratios, not overall.Pressure control valve below an early "Male" outlet fitting and pressure control valve.Two ways of listing ratios: overall ratio - measured at the wheel, and BOX ratio - measured at the steering box output shaft.