Toshiba satellite a300d-14p service manual

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Edit, remove the screw which retains the CD/DVD drive, and remove the drive by pushing on the tab that the screw retained.
In a dry atmosphere or if you find yourself picking up static from the carpet an antistatic wrist strap is highly recommended.At the very least you should frequently touch a radiator or water pipe or an earthed electrical appliance in order to discharge yourself.By closing this banner, you agree to the use of cookies.One from near the circular vent.Print, print page 1, rename the bookmark, delete from my manuals?(One of these is recessed and two others are beneath soft plastic flaps.) One from the corner of the RAM bay.Note that one of the screws on the right hand hinge has an earthing strap under.The charging circuit is very simple.On reinstalling the RAM, angle it up and down to ensure it's properly seated in the connector before pushing it down to reengage the clips.One from a corner of the hard disk bay.
If you are replacing the hard disk you will need to take the old one out of the carrier by removing the silver screws, and insert the new one in the same carrier.
Repair would be very difficult.

Edit, remove a screw retaining the keyboard.Hold the fan blades still while you apply the vacuum cleaner as there is a theoretical possibility that if you spin the fan too fast it could generate a high enough voltage to damage the motherboard.Remove nine.5mm screws as follows: Three from the front edge.With a fingernail or prying tool, gently lift the black clamping bar on the keyboard ribbon connector and withdraw the ribbon from the connector.Turn the laptop over and open the screen past the vertical position.You can now remove it completely.Use a spudger to release the retaining clips around the edges of the bezel and the bottom of the hinge cover, and lift off the bezel.In the end, I ran some twisted pair out of the motherboard into a spare cavity accessible without dismantling laptop case for "next time".You now have access to the LCD, the inverter at the bottom of the screen (this powers the backlight) triumph motorcycle owners manual and the WiFi antennae along tne top.Remove 2 screws securing the hard disk in its bay.