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Additionally, Iraqs oil sector could not meet demand because of years of poor reservoir management, corrosion problems at various oil facilities, deterioration of water injection facilities, lack of spare parts, and damage to oil storage and pumping facilities.
The former Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and Bulgarian firms may have been willing to risk international scrutiny from trading with Iraq due to the 1.4 patch for call of duty lure of high profits, lack of effective government oversight, and government corruption in the wake of the collapse of the Warsaw.
The MIC brought active ingredients into the country using false bills of lading, formulated the product, and then distributed the final product to the appropriate ministry.In the late 1990s the importance of the CAs office in Jordan declined.This could refer, in part, to the 40-percent cash portion of the trade, although the accounts held almost 80 million while this trade only earned.2 million.In contravention of UN sanctions and resolutions, the MoT provided cover contracts for ammunition, communication systems, and other military materiel for the MoD, SRG, IIS, and the Diwan.MFA-IIS Connections The MFA also supported IIS operations by offering its agents political and economic cover to conduct economic and political espionage.It paid 3,222,780 in illegal surcharges during the period of the program.In October 2001, Syrian technicians were dispatched to China on Iraqs behalf to contact influential Chinese air defense companies.The Presidential Diwan, Presidential Secretary, and Saddam Husayn developed a supplemental process to fund numerous programs outside of the state budget, including the MoDs illicit conventional procurement.
Oil sales to Jordan under Protocols began as early as 1983.
The revenues of leased state properties.

Former Regime personnel indicate that the somo account at Halkbank was used exclusively for Iraq to pay Turkish companies for the sale of goods and services delivered to Iraq.The international suppliers would either settle for incomplete end-user statements (part of the formal international trade documentation requirements) or accept false end-user statements from neighboring countries sympathetic to Iraq.The Al QaQaa Company sponsored nitrocellulose research.The Rafidian Filfel/Iraq account represents a somo account at the Rafidian Bank branch office located in Mosul which collected surcharge amounts from the border sales of oil to the areas to the north.The ambassador used a private jet for transport, with the GPS jammers concealed as diplomatic mail.MoDs Procurement Leadership at the Onset of Operation Iraqi Freedom Minister of Defense: Staff Gen.Ewex representative, Amir Ibrahim Jasim al-Tikriti during April 2002, requested an extension of the shipping time for illicit transfers because shipments would have had to proceed via many channels, particularly by circuitous transport routes, in order to conceal the contents from prying UN inspectors.At that point, the Jordan National Bank would automatically kick back the performance bond to an Iraqi account instead of returning it to Al- Eman, as would normally be the case.