Mitsubishi electric par-20maa manual

mitsubishi electric par-20maa manual

For how to set the temperature sensor, refer to the Free Plan indoor unit installation manual.
Do not install in any place where acidic or alkaline solution or special spray are often used.
Function function Setting.When also it in combination with a city multi control system as shown in the figure above, group setting at once upon a time s03 1080 episode 1 the system controller (central controller in the figure above) is necessary.Take out the remote control cord connected to the terminal block via this portion.If a new lossnay must be registered, go to step.Display * When setting mode 1 to 3, set the unit address.When error history reset failed, the error contents are displayed again.Install the lower case on the switch box or directly on the wall.
Timer stops test run after two hours.
When the B temp.

Check the transmission line and the other " flashes at the room temperature display, communication is probably abnormal.PUH-P2ygaa, pU-P2ygaa, pUH-P2.5vgaa, pU-P2.5vgaa, pUH-P2.5ygaa, pU-P2.5ygaa, pUH-P3vgaa.Wiring hole for installing directly on the wall (or open wiring) Cut off the shaded area from the upper cover using nsf to pst converterware a knife, nippers, etc.Test button 4 note: When the functions of an indoor unit were changed by function selection after the end of installation, always indicate the set contents by entering a or other mark in the appropriate check field of Table.Any deficiency caused by installation may result in an electric shock or fire.6 Test Run.Press and hold down the A filter and B test buttons at the same time for two seconds or longer.Remote controllers cannot be wired together.Radiation from the remote controller may effect an electric shock or a malfunction.3 Set the outdoor unit refrigerant address.If trouble occurred during the test run, refer to the "Test Run" sec- tion of the indoor unit installation manual.Selection 3 (remote controller fixed) (Buttons F and G operation) 8 Register (Press button.) 5?Check the transmission line.ON/OFF Test run starts.
PAR-20MAA, oN/OFF, centrally controlled, error code, clock.
(For more information, refer to the outdoor unit installation manual.) * All the indoor units enclosed in are controlled as one group.

Seal the remote controller cord with putty in order to prevent the possible entry of dew, water droplets, cockroaches, other insects, etc.