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V11:4-1-12 (Winter 1967) PDF 604.5KB* Report of a 1967 experiment to test the usefulness of Bayes' Theorem (a mathematical model to calculate probabilities) as applied to intelligence analysis.
Laycock, Keith, "Handwriting Analysis as an Assessment Aid", Stud.11:81-87, PDF 856.5KB* A former chief of CIA's Counterintelligence Center lays out his views of the ten most important principles that should guide intelligence organizations and counterintelligence officers.V8:1-65-66 (Winter 1964) PDF 108KB* Whitman, John, "On Estimating Reactions", Stud.V7:1-25-30 (Winter 1963) PDF 349KB* McIninch, Thomas., "The Oxcart Story", Stud."An Interview with Former Executive Director Lawrence.V18:2-15-20 (Summer 1974) PDF 293.1KB* The hipsci Chairman describes Congress' past "overlook" of intelligence activities and the reasons and need for real oversight in the future (1974).
V7:2- A1-A11 (Spring 1963) PDF 607KB* "More Against Footnotes".
Speculates that refusal of those planning the Bay of Pigs invasion to remain realistic about its declining chances of success may have rested on belief that Castro was to be assassinated at time of invasion.

V48:2-63-65 (2004) PDF.9KB* "Pearl Harbor: Estimating Then and Now".1, 1997: 57-65, PDF 732.7KB* Magnan, Stephen., "Safeguarding Information Operations", Stud."Openness and Secrecy" by David."Some Thoughts on Irregular Warfare" by Jeffrey.V4:2-1-6 (Spring 1960) PDF 338KB* Kirkpatrick, Lyman, "Origins, Missions, and Structure of CIA", Stud."Military Intelligence 1861-63 (Part I by Edwin.V5:3-A35-A37 (Summer 1961) PDF 119KB* Hutton, J Bernard, pseudonym of Joseph Heisler, Frogman Extraordinary.V2: (Summer 1958) PDF 454KB* Top of page Sacquety, Troy., "Behind the Japanese Lines in Burma", Stud.Concludes that DI analysts understand and use IT much less than analysts in the private sector and even in other government agencies.Book review by Thomas.Outlines the difficulties faced by the eastern European countries trying to shake their authoritarian legacies, particularly those in southeastern Europe."Conditioned Reflex, Drugs and Hypnosis in Communist Interrogations" by Leonard Hilden, Stud.American Intelligence and the Tricentennial", Stud."Number One From Moscow" by David Kahn, Stud.
V9:3-1-6 (Summer 1965) PDF 292KB* Predicting enemy reactions to a postulated US course of action can be a frustrating, thankless task with questionable outcome, but if well done it at least helps the policymaker see the issues and hazards more ice cube crack baby clearly.
V10:3-31-41 (Summer 1966) PDF 502KB* Gives a history of Congressional consideration of the idea (to 1966) of establishing a joint committee to oversee CIA.

V13:4-89-90 (Fall 1969) PDF.9KB* Observations on the peculiarities of the review process go back to the Agency's earliest days.
V2:3-81-101 (Summer 1958) PDF.2MB* Fishel, Edwin., "Military Intelligence 1861-63 (Part I, Stud.