Kawasaki mule 4010 repair manual

Periodic maintenance 2-9 Specifications Item Standard Service Limit Fuel System Throttle Pedal Free Play 5 - 10 mm (0.2 -.4.) - - Idle Speed r/min (rpm) - - Cooling System Coolant: Type Permanent type of antifreeze (Soft water - - and ethylene glycol.
How to Use This Manual In this manual, crack para memories on tv 3 the product is divided into its major systems and these systems make up the manual's chapters.Incorrect values may lead to improper adjustments.In order to perform the work efficiently and to avoid costly mistakes, read the text, thor- oughly familiarize yourself with the procedures before starting work, and then do the work care- fully in born to use mics: reading nas's illmatic.pdf a clean area.Letters used in the "Remarks" column mean: B: Apply brake fluid.Torque and Locking Agent.Send the pages back to match the black tab of the desired chapter num- ber with the black tab on the edge at each table of contents page.Instrument Use a meter that has enough accuracy for an accurate measurement.Please Click Here Then Get More Information.Exhaust Emission Control System The exhaust emission control system applied to this engine family is engine modifications that consist of fuel injection system and ignition system having optimum ignition timing characteristics.Please do not remove these systems, or alter them in any way which results in an increase in noise level.High -flush point solvent should be used according to directions of the solvent manufacturer.General linformation 1-3 G602007B s gbozoos80Z0096020100 S G0020116.Dirt or other foreign materials entering into sealed areas during ve- hicle disassembly can cause excessive wear and decrease performance of the vehicle.2-6 periodic maintenance Torque and Locking Agent Fastener Torque Remarks N'm kgfm ftlb Pinion Gear Slotted Nut 118.0.0 MO Ring Gear Bolts.0 36 Ring Gear Cover Bolts (M 10).8 35 S Ring Gear Cover Bolts (M8).5.Conversely when loosening the bolts, nuts, or screws, first loosen all of them by about a quar- ter turn and then remove them.Parking Brake Lever Travel Inspection Steering Steering Wheel Free Play Inspection Steering Joint Dust: Boot Frame.
Inlb 6 (0.24).8 -.9.60 -.

List OF abbreviations A ampere(s) Ib pounds(s) abdc after bottom dead center m meter(s) AC alternating current min minute(s) atoc after top dead center N newton(s) bbdc before bottom dead center Pa pascal(s) BDC bottom dead center PS horsepower btoc before top dead center psi.Follow Us, newsletter Sign Up, receive Special Offers, Tips Reviews!Foreword This manual is designed primarily for use by trained mechanics in a properly equipped shop.Gasket, D-ring Hardening, shrinkage, or damage of both gaskets and O-rings after disassembly can reduce sealing performance.Evaporative Emission Control System (California model only) The evaporative emission control system for this vehicle consists of low permeation fuel hoses and fuel tank.Cleaning Vehicle before Disassembly Clean the vehicle thoroughly before disassembly.Bolts, Nuts, and Fasteners.Replacement Parts Replacement Parts must be kawasaki genuine or recommended by kawasaki.
Assembly Order In most cases assembly order is the reverse of disassem- bly, however, if assembly order is provided in this Service Manual, follow the procedures given.

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Storage of Removed Parts After all the parts including subassembly parts have been cleaned, store the parts in a clean area.
In most chapters an exploded view illustration of the system components follows the Table of Contents.