Can't delete sharepoint dbghelp.dll

If you copy the.exe from the Release folder to somewhere else then you will need those DLLs copied with the.exe as well.
It is because there is a DLL that your program is missing or can't find.
If you are using VS2010 and building to an x86 program you can locate your dlls here under "opencvbuildx86vc10bin".The application was unable to start correctly 0xc150002.Generally you can resolve this issue using the following procedure: Download Dependency Walker from here: m load your.exe file into Dependency Walker (under your projects Debug or Release folder in your case this would be DisplayImage.For portability I tend to try and have a test Virtual Machine with a clean install of Windows (no updates or programs installed and I walk through the Dependencies using the Dependency Walker one by one until the program is running happily.Also see these questions: Can't run machine itc tt font a vc, error code 0xc0150002.Simply copy all these files to your Debug and Release folders and it should resolve your issues.This is a common problem.Look for any DLL's that are missing, or are corrupt, or are for the wrong architecture (i.e.The application was unable to start correctly (0*0150002) - OpenCv.For each DLL that you are missing either copy to your Debug or Release folders with your.exe, or install the required software, or add the path to the DLLs to your environment variables (WinPause - Advanced System Settings - Environment Variables).X64 instead of x86) these will be highlighted in red.Remember that you will need to have these DLLs in the same directory as your.exe.
In your case I believe ripples along the shore (quilted hearts vol.3).pdf you are missing the openCV dlls.
The application was unable to start (0xc0150002) with libcurl C Windows 7 VS 2010 0xc0150002 Error when trying to run VC libcurl.

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