Brother ls 1217 manual sewing machine

brother ls 1217 manual sewing machine

The thread should pass into the right virtual dj pro 7 pro full crack channel at straight angle, not at a diagonal.
Once youve guided the thread into the channel, wrap the thread around 2006 calendarable january 2013 pdf the tension discs found between the 2 front channels.
Okay #10006, part 1 Winding the Bobbin 1, position the spool.Draw the tail of thread from the spool across the top of the machine and around the bobbin winding tension disc on the opposite side.4 Wrap the thread around the thread tension discs.Leave a tail measuring 2 inches (5 cm) long.Product Information, bring your ideas and creativity to life with the Brother LS-1217 that is very light and portable sewing machine.The electronic speed control of this mechanical sewing machine gives you ample scope to control the speed to suit your needs.Additional Product Features, easy Button Hole.The balance wheel will continue to turn while the bobbin is being wound, but you should not touch it since doing so could damage the machine.Carefully turn the bobbin clockwise by hand until you see the spring on the shaft slide into the slit of the bobbin, thereby securing.Turn the balance wheel at the right side of the machine, moving it toward you (a counterclockwise rotation).
Use your finger to carefully catch the loop of thread you just pulled up, breaking open the loop in the process.

Draw the thread down toward the needle, then slip it into the final thread guide just above the needle itself.Wrap the thread around the bobbin.Once 2007 ford focus manual transmission fluid check the bobbin has been started, trim the tail of thread sticking out from the top of the bobbin.If you are using a previously wound bobbin, you can skip this section and consult only the "Threading the Needle" and "Loading and Drawing Up the Bobbin Thread" sections.Hold the bobbin so that thread appears to wrap around in a clockwise rotation.When it does, however, it can be a very fine adjustment.Slide the bobbin into the bobbin case and slip the bobbin thread tail through the slot in the case.Make sure that the spool rotates in a clockwise direction as you unravel the thread.I sew lots of denim and cotton.Wrap the thread behind and around the thread tension dial in between the two front channels.5 Cycle the needle once.

The thread should be to the right side of the take-up lever before you hook it into that lever.
3, draw the thread into the bobbin hole.