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They determined, how- ever, not to desert the young culprit, and if possible vn THE tiger AND THE monkeys 39 to try and rescue him, so they approached the tiger, and with much seeming courtesy and honour they put forward the excuse that their sister.
U Mylliem Ngap, with general consent, constituted himself her champion.
But the alphabet is nothing to judge the Khasi people.
The wily dragon hoped in this way to bring about the death of U Babam Doh, so he replied that his vow involved drinking a seer of tigress' milk, and that he who obtained the milk must not know for whom or for what purpose.His body swayed and trembled with pure joy and delight as he gave forth strain after strain from his sharati ; yet so cautious was he that none of his neighbours sus- pected that he possessed any gifts, for he feared to let.10 m THE peacock'S feathers 11 One day they pretended that a great Durbar of the birds had been held to select an ambassador to carry the greetings of the jungle birds to the beautiful maiden Ka Sngi, who ruled in the Blue Realm and.He tried many remedies, but she seemed to grow worse and worse, and he cried out in sorrow, saying, " Tell me, my mother, what remedy will cure you, and I will get it or die." "It is written in my nusip (book of fate).To leave her to her fate on that impregnable rock would be little less than cold-blooded murder, for nothing but death awaited her.During the night, Ka Duh, in putting some fresh wood on the fire, found a large, heavy dao an axe-knife of iron which she showed to her sister, who at once took it as an augury that deliver- ance was forthcoming, and that the god.The Stag and the Snail.After a time there arose among the Khasis a very wise man of the name of U Shillong who was endowed with great insight to understand the mysteries, and he discovered that the god of the mountain was great and powerful, and sacrifice and reverence.
Putting his lota on the ground and laying his clothes beside it, he plunged into the water, intending to stay only a few minutes.
At sight of her his heart melted like water within him for the love of her.

These constitute the creation myths, or what the khasis call khanatang, or sanctified stories, The function of such stories is to elucidate the Khasi philosophical thought on every aspect of Khasi culture and make sure that it reaches and holds captive even the simplest.When the procession reached the pyre, U Raitong stooped and lighted the dry logs without a shudder or a delay.Left to herself, the housewife began to paint glowing pictures of the future, when the family would cease to be in want, and would have no need to labour for their food, but would possess abundance of luxuries, and be xxxn THE blessing OF THE.Fearing to commit himself further if he talked about himself, he tried to divert the conversation away from himself, and asked his companion who he was and what he was doing alone in the cage at night.Her beauty enthralled him and he fell deeply in love with her.From participation in it all right-thinking Khasis recoil with loathing and horror, inasmuch as it involves the perpetration of crimes, for this god can mount and blade napoleonic wars patch 1.005 crack only be pro- pitiated by offerings of human sacrifices, with many revolting and barbaric rites.When he saw that the child refused to be coaxed, he attributed it to her fear to venture unaided down that steep and slippery rock.It happened that the daughter-in-law was absent that night, so that the stranger saw only the parents and their son.In those days there was much intercourse between the Bleis and mankind.Never before was heard a lamentation so mournful, so plaintive, so full of sorrow and anguish and misery, as the lament of the mother of the Stag Lapalang as she sought him in death on the slopes of Shillong.In former times Ka Sngi had found one of the chief outlets for her munificence in shedding her warm rays upon the earth ; but after the coming of U Klew her time became so absorbed by him that she was no longer able.The months rolled on and the time for the return of the Siem was advancing apace.She called piteously after him, promising to reform if he would only return, but it was too late.Then he knew that he had truly forestalled the man, and had obtained the gift of strength, and could over- come men in battle.

It was a familiar rendezvous, and many of the animals turned there, as much from habit as from fatigue, glad to meet old acquaintances.
When U Bnai grew up he began to show somewhat wayward tendencies ; he came and went at his own will, without consulting his mother or his sisters, and con- sorted with companions far beneath him in rank.
It happened that a wealthy merchant was returning from a journey, and landed to take food close to the hiding-place of U Bieit.