2003 honda shadow spirit 750 repair manual

Imperfect seal at gaskets, push rod cover, washers, etc.
Tighten to recommended torque specification.
Brake pads badly worn.The pack consists of seven fiber plates, seven steel plates, one narrow fiber plate, one damper spring and one damper spring seat.Front engine mounting bolts loose.Loose spokes (models with laced wheels).ECM or sensors (CKP, ET or tmap) defective.A proper compression test should be performed with the engine at normal operating temperature when possible.
Air cleaner evap flapper (if equipped) stuck close or inoperative.
Piston rings badly worn or broken.

Partially plugged fuel injectors.Fuel tank vent system plugged.The fiber plates are now free to rotate at a different relative speed than that of the steel plates (i.e.Restricted oil morphy richards 48290 manual return hose to tank.Run engine until it reaches normal operating temperature.Listen for air leaks at induction module intake, exhaust pipe and head gasket.Low oil pressure caused by oil feed pump not functioning properly or oil passages obstructed.Restricted oil tank return hose.Clutch Chatters Friction plates or steel plates worn, warped or dragging.High Oil Pressure.Shifter forks sprung or damaged.