2 patch splinter cell

Fix memory leak in DX11 constant buffer system.
Veteran agent Sam Fisher is back.Fix for hang on controller disconnect in loading screens.Debounce use key so holding it down doesn't trigger sequence of actions.Fix crash with exclusive skins in co-op.Hesitate too long and millions will die.Fix for potential hang after chevrolet spark service manual pdf pausing cutscene.

Fix door replication on a specific map in co-op.Fix input for interrogation scenes, fix co-op typingmaster pro 6.21 crack interactions with missing prompts.Fix for getting stuck in co-op on disconnect.Fix hang in coop after checking computers and disconnecting.Fix bad spawns during transitions, fix getting stuck in door on a specific point on a map.Controls: Fix controller detection when multiple input devices are connected.Fix rare crash with host disconnect.Fix for players reaching out of world location in certain missions.Changes: - Added DLC support - Added multi-GPU support (Crossfire/SLI) - Added ATI Eyefinity support - Fixed graphic glitches when running in low visual quality - Fixed Microsoft Wireless X360 controller not being detected properly with.Balance tweaks for frontal attacks, online: Reduce host migration failures, h2o mop owners manual fix clients getting stuck in sessions with multiple simultaneous host migrations.Fix popup crash in lobbies, fix potential audio crash in preload.Fix some invisible collisions, fix some crate collisions, fix for objects falling out of world.